"I felt there was something missing."

In 2004 I had been a full time English teacher for four years and, although I was enjoying my career and interacting with the kids, I felt there was something missing. An unfulfilled pocket of my life that required attention though I had no real idea what that might be.

Then, one day in 2005, I was the unexpected recipient of some (not so) divine intervention. A man in a white van ran into the back of my car giving me what my physio called ‘a severe case of whiplash’.

He suggested I look for a yoga class. He said it would help. He was right.

"I immediately fell in love with yoga, its history and traditions."

I immediately fell in love with yoga, its history, traditions and, at that particular time, its health benefits. Within a month I wanted to know my Virabhadrasana from my Paschimottanasana and my Downward Dog from my Bridge pose.

I developed a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice and in 2011 decided to make good use of my summer holidays by completing the It’s Yoga 200 hour teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

I’ve loved building on this foundation over recent years by learning from experienced teachers across the country, improving my spiritual knowledge and my physical technique

"And now I’m here. Just someone who made a decision to begin a fundamental change to the balance of my life; less whiteboards, more bolsters, less marking, more yoga."